Hugh Grant on The Daily Show…

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I was watching The Daily Show with John Stewart. The show got off to a great start, but I believe went down when Hugh Grant came on. He was very bitter towards John, and not in a satirical way, he was just being very snobby. He also made a few snide remarks toward the American way of life. That wouldn’t bother me, but he made the English way of life seem so much better. I was just really disappointed. I guess Mr. Grant was not pleased with the fact that John did not really know anything about his movie. Is Hugh Grant usually like that? Any thoughts?


We The Kings-Smile Kid!

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So We the Kings just came out with a new album called Smile Kid. It’s really good. If you like music, you should definitely check them out. You can probably get some of their songs on youtube, or itunes. Here is their Myspace site if you want to check them out. They have all their new songs on here for now.

Assignment #1 Website Analysis

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Sarah Lashley
Website Analysis: The Baltimore Tattoo Museum
The Baltimore Tattoo Museum is just what the name suggests; a well known tattoo parlor and museum located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is home to seven talented tattoo artists and occasionally a featured guest artist. If not from Baltimore, the most common way to contact the museum is by the internet. When first entering the Baltimore Tattoo museum website, the viewer is presented with a simple menu and beautiful artwork. The site has a welcoming feel to all potential visitors who want to look around or invest in a tattoo. The site was designed very well with user friendly navigation.
Everything technically in the website works very well. When the visitor first clicks on the link to the page, he or she is taken to the Baltimore Tattoo Museum welcome screen. This screen consists of a brief description of the museum, their hours, their address, and links to different part of the site. There is also one external link located on the page that would take the user to the host of the page. The first link at the top of the page is Artists. When one clicks on this link, he or she is taken to a different page with a link for each artist that works at the museum. Each artist page offers a picture or two of the artist, a brief descripton, and in some cases links to pictures of their tattoo and other artwork. On some pages the artist also offers a link to email them. The artist pages are extremely easy to navigate would not cause even the most unexperienced internet user trouble. The links are all very plain to see and very easy to use.
The second link at the top is to the aftercare section. There are no other links on this page. This section could have been broken down into more links. The page is one long scroll with all the aftercare rules for different kinds of piercing and tattoos. Instead of have visitors scroll down to find what they need, it would be much easier to put links at the top of the page that take them to the desired aftercare section. This would be the only flaw in this section of the site.
The next link is to a section labelled Exhibits. This link takes the visitor to a self guided slide show through the museum section of the building. These slides are very easy to navigate through because of the very large links at the top that say “Next” and “Back.” This lets the visitor view the pictures and descriptions of the galleries at his or her leisure. the layout makes it easy to understand what the viewer is looking at. A picture of the exhibit is placed on the left hand side of the screen. On the right hand side is a description of the picture and exhibit. The only problem with these pages is that the pictures and text could be a bit more pleasing to the eye. They are very plain and do not really capture much attention. Despite a not so pleasing visual, this page is easy to manipulate and use. The last link of the page is to Exhibits. This page is home to twenty-two external links split up into five sub groups by their topic. This page is for visitors to see what other resources are available about tattoos, tattoo history, and body piercing.
The Baltimore Tattoo Museum website was put together very well. The purpose of the site was to be simple to navigate for prospective investors in the business. The site was designed to attract future customers of probably a more adventurous kind. Getting a tattoo has always been known as very rebellious. The Baltimore Tattoo Museum does a very good job of mixing the rebellious side with a very professional side. The site was very well put together and presents an honest and good image of the company.

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This is a scarf that I knitted for my baby cousin, Taryn. Taryn lives in Texas, but her and her family are going to Colorado to Christmas, so I knitted her this. I used a stuffed animal to measure how long I should make it. This is the finished product. You cannot really see the pattern, but I knitted what is called a King Charle’s Brocade. It is a pattern of diamonds. This was my first time knitting a more complex pattern, and I was very proud of my work. For good knitting tips and how-to videos visit

Video Editing Project

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This is my video editing project, or project number four.  This video is about the Bill Pickett riding academy.  It gives a slight history of Bill Pickett.  The owner of the academy talks about how horses give kids confidence.

Pumpkin Roll Success!

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Hey Everyone!
So it is tradition in my family that I bake a pumpkin roll for the holiday season. I went over to my boyfriends (a pastry arts major, Chris) house to make it. Usually, I end up baking a couple sheets of the cake before it comes out successfully and doesn’t stick to the pan. Well this time, on my very first try, the pumpkin roll flat cake came out amazing the very first time! Chris told me his non stick secret.

THE SECRET: The secret is so make the pan really non stick. Do this by first by spreading crisco around the pan. Make sure you get it in every nook and cranny of the pan. Leave no spot un-crisco’d. Next, sprinkle flour on top of the crisco. Keep sprinkling right up until you feel there is a little too much flour in the pan. That’s when you have a good non stick pan.

This may not be a secret to many, but it really did work very well. So for those of you have stick issues when it comes to baking…use the crisco-flour method!

Assignment #3

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This video is about a creepy woman. The song is Polythene Pam copyrighted by The Beatles. This is project number three in my intro to media tech class. The pictures didn’t do much for me, so I took a comical approach. This is one of my first video projects, and although it is not stellar, I am proud of the work I did. Enjoy!